Putting down ideas so I don't forget them.


  • Post-apocalyptic Jews (Chizuk Amuno, perhaps?)
  • Bookish community at JHU?
  • Stemmer's Run (water merchants)
  • Swingers (name pending) (group devoted to ideals of 1920s, Patterson theater)
  • Unnamed scavenge-oriented town on East side
  • Natty Boh plant -> Local type of beer
  • Others:
    • Opera house
    • Fort McHenry
    • Industrial section


  • Silas reboot (Louisiana, map-making, mercenary)
  • Point Pleasant (Mothman plays some role here)
  • Caintucks (self-explanatory)
  • Atlanteans (live in commune, trying to build submarine to join "Atlantis")
  • Communist Union Organization in mines (think IWW, "16 Tons" is rallying song)
  • Coastal Pirates around Gulf of Mexico

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