Alright, so I'm gonna explain why I named my character's names the way I did.

  • Silas Webb--I was going for a very American name on this one, and something that kinda had a 1950s ring. Not sure if I got it down, but I wound up choosing the name of a minor Old Testament prophet and a surname from Bioshock.
  • Eugene Randolph--This name was created by blending two English names into one. The first name is from the English character Eugene Fodor in the play Crazy for You, a role which I enjoyed playing. The second one is the surname of an English explorer, I believe. Maybe the guy who discovered Carolina? If not, then I got it from Age of Empires III.
  • Grant Sutherland--Once again, I was trying to go for an American name. When I created Grant's name, I had been reading Andersonville at the time, so this is a blend of two Union soldiers' names.
  • Hennard--I came up with the Chimera's name while in Ireland, away from a computer. I was reading a book on mass murderers when I decided to make a fucked-up Chimera. Once I got Run's permission, I looked through that book and picked the surname of America's deadliest mass murderer for this deadly creature.
  • Issachar Tucker--This character's name was rather haphazardly constructed. He was the son of the AWA High Elder, and the Elder's name was Benjamin Tucker. I wanted something to come close to the High Elder's name for his son. Tucker as he last name was pretty much a given, and I linked the name Benjamin to the story of Joseph and the multicolored coat in the Bible, as Benjamin was the name of Joseph's brother, Rachel's other son. However, instead of doing the smart thing and naming him something typical like Joseph Tucker, I settled on the name Issachar, I guess because it sounded cool.
  • Mississippi Don--Blame my father for this name. He listens to old time music, and the name of one of those old-time guitar players was Mississippi Don Hurt. I suppose you can guess how I decided on the name Mississippi Don Herr for my character's name.
  • Vladimir Sechin--Once again, a name that's really a mix of two. In this case, I decided to make a Russian-named character. I got these names from World History class. Vladimir is the Russian warping of the Viking name Waldemar, and Sechin is the surname of one of those shady guys in Russian government.
  • Walter Abrams--This name and character was sloppy, and I'm tagging the character for deletion.
  • Dr. Johnathan Henry--This character shares the name of John Henry, a character from American folklore. John Henry provided the initial inspiration for this character, but they're not really similar.
  • Hayato Takana--Once again, a mix of two Japanese names, both of which I found on the internet. I'm pretty sure Hayato means swift or hawk or something.

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