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  • I live in the darker parts of the human mind
  • I was born on June 15
  • My occupation is Up-and-coming Comic Artist
  • I am Male
  • UndeadHero

    hey, we have the NCR and... whatever the heck D.C. was...

    I have a question about my England (Since I- and T42, apparently) are the only ones on it. I was curious if I could create a semi-governed society named something similar to this "Southern English Republic". Since, Europe is very uncivilized during the war, I have ideas for their enemies, mostly the The Free Collars and what not, but also Ireland Survivors who dispise the british, maybe some scots. ANd have it be like the NCR, where it is developed enough to have some form of unity. But is also under immense war with the Freedom Collaboration, who are my main bad guys.

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  • UndeadHero

    "Hello and Welcome to BCC, I'm Keith Weasley and this is my lovely co-anchor, Miss Victoria Francis."

    "Hello, all"

    "We are here to bring word that tensions around the world are growing heavily."

    "Yes they are, Keith"

    "In recent news we-" *Loud explosion heard in the distance* "What in the-" *Walls are seen collapsing as the camera turns to static*.

    Alright, enough of that history, Hello! I am UndeadHero, owner of the London Wasteland and hopefully Germany when I get time. I have recently finished a novel and am working on a comic book but I promise to return. But I require some help. For too long has Europe been thrown out of the loop. I mean, seriously. So much of Fallout's history is involved with activities around the world, yet some of us a…

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  • UndeadHero

    Back but not really.

    November 24, 2012 by UndeadHero

    Hey guys, I am helping so many wikis since I helped you out, okay so not really. I have been busy with my new job and Gory Storm, an old wiki I was apart of has asked me to help them and so I agreed. I'll still try and come around so dont be deleting anything of mine without warning, also. Sorry for thinking I left, I didn't leave, i just...ummm...nice way of putting this...turned my back to answer a cellphone call, but now the call is over and I'm texting them, but still trying to talk to you...worse..analogy...ever.

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  • UndeadHero


    September 10, 2012 by UndeadHero

    Under orders of the other admins, I have successful revamped the wiki to the new era of Fallout-ness. But this is not the end, there has been a major issue that must be announced. Due to the changing of the templates. All templates must be redone and retyped. This is a minor inconvincence that was unknown at the time and we apologize for this. But, with these new templates, we are able to do so much more. Soon, we are planning to promote the wiki on the But it can only be done once all the kinks are finished.

    This is where all of you come in. Please, help us by recompleting pages affected by this change. As it will only quicken the process. Once completed, we will be able to get more creative and inventive users and rewaken this.…

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  • UndeadHero

    New Image

    September 9, 2012 by UndeadHero

    I AM BORED OF THIS BACKGROUND AND ALL EVERYTHING! Sigh, sorry had to get that out. But seriously, how about this. I have a wiki, Fallout Fan Central Wiki. So, how about we move that look over here. I believe the look will be a great change to this...boriness.

    UndeadHero (talk) 20:28, September 9, 2012 (UTC)

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