"Hello and Welcome to BCC, I'm Keith Weasley and this is my lovely co-anchor, Miss Victoria Francis."

"Hello, all"

"We are here to bring word that tensions around the world are growing heavily."

"Yes they are, Keith"

"In recent news we-" *Loud explosion heard in the distance* "What in the-" *Walls are seen collapsing as the camera turns to static*.

Alright, enough of that history, Hello! I am UndeadHero, owner of the London Wasteland and hopefully Germany when I get time. I have recently finished a novel and am working on a comic book but I promise to return. But I require some help. For too long has Europe been thrown out of the loop. I mean, seriously. So much of Fallout's history is involved with activities around the world, yet some of us are too afriad to leave America.

"But we loves 'Murica"

Shut up hillbilly. I am currently looking for some users to assist me in helping me with some of my articles. When Asked I will speak of them. One that comes to mind is General Perrigreen. I need some help with that whole idea. And a few others, London is mine, but the surrounding bourghs aren't (I mean Central London, not the whole city). So please, give Europe a hand, as Tenpenny spoke of, it's a pretty messed up place.

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