Well, upon having some free time and rereading through the entire Roleplaying:Outcasts|Outcast RP again, and upon seeing Jacob Vaughton return to his original character, it made me think: I miss it. I felt that sensation of returning to the original writing ways of the wiki, back in the beginnings, when there was a very small amount of content written yet. The Outcast RP, for example, did not have a pre-set plot or anything, it was just the Outcasts, and the adventures that they encountered. The plot slowly revealed itself without prior conversation from the members, it was improv basically, and it was fun. So, in tune with this new revision of the wiki, I propose yet another Outcast RP. The same characters can be used, or new ones, but it would be before Roleplaying:The Exodus|The Exodus or anything, no Crusade, no Bren, none of that, just the Outcasts. It could be set during their experiences of The Scourge, in the Pitt, or just in D.C again. We would just be careful not to contradict anything we stated in the original, easily done I would imagine. In a manner of speaking, it would be a prequal.

I'm not sure about all of you, but I would find it fun, and I would love to RP as Jay again, back in Outcast uniform. If you're for it, say so, and if not, then whatever, it's just a suggestion.

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