• Victor Hyde

    Texan Terrors!

    May 17, 2011 by Victor Hyde

    Well since Bram, Grutt, and Andrew are going to the Four Seasons to stop or help those dastardly twins, its time we fleshed out its ecosystem.

    • Blood Geckos: Descendants of Horned toads who under went a mutation similar to geckos, these suckers squirt their fucking blood at people from their eyes and have great camoflauge! Dont worry they usually eat roaches and ants....
    • Jaguars: They are mostly the same but this time a little bulker, agressive and hunt in pairs! These babies are apex predators of texas so watch out!
    • Deathwings: Descendants of bald eagles who were gene spliced for millitary covert ops (Such as spying and stealth attacks) they are the Deathclaws of the sky and have talons that can cut a bayou lurker!
    • Jackalopes: Jack rabbit…
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  • Victor Hyde

    Well i will soon start creating locations in kentucky after a article set in New Memphis and 1 more creature page.

    My Goals for it are...

    1. To make it an apex predator
    2. puts up an above average fight
    3. Make it quick
    4. minorly aggressive to humans
    5. Expalin its orgins and behavior
    6. explain its effects on the wasteland
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  • Victor Hyde

    Bourbon Runner

    March 21, 2011 by Victor Hyde

    Four Bourbon runners walked along the Dark Tennessee Wasteland,at 11 o clock pm.

    Bert(B): (Stoping) i cant fucking move another fucking step, with this god damn pack on my back!

    Ed(E): (slowing down) Get the Fuck up! We gotta make this shipment tomorrow!


    Ryan(R) Oh yeah that'll get them moving again...

    J: Shut up! Im incharge here!

    B: we're making camp now.

    R: Fine...

    (4 hours later)

    E: Whats? that noise?!

    J: Fuck man Tindalos...

    R:Shit! Bert get ready man!

    R: Bert?

    E: Bert...(looks in Bert's tent) Fuck! he's..He's Dead man...

    J:lets scram...

    (they leave camp)

    E: I knew we should'nt have went along Riddlers park...

    R: lets get this shipment to New memphis... tonight, or we dont get paid.

    J:We'll go through …

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  • Victor Hyde

    well ima gonna work on collabs starting with Golgoth. the first part of the collabs is the Renton Shaft Devil.

    • It will be a large Bat, found in Renton and other areas.
    • Feeds on blood and Radroaches
    • can infect meat with Neuro toxins (Thanks C4)
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  • Victor Hyde
    • Little Rock, Arkansas has become a free every man for himself type of city, held in order by the local gangs
    • Arkansas Museum of Discovery is now a major education area
    • Many survivalist stores where opened there by Stan and Marley Hunting Co., which allowed many people to stock up on weapons and supplies
    • Hot Springs National Park is a major trade hub with its "Mystical waters"
    • the Arkansas Delta hass many farms owned by "Weavers" which produce a new form of cotton known as "Hellvar"
    • Blanchard Springs Caverns are filled with an extremely large amount of ghouls

    • Still producing bourbon,corn and tobacco
    • now has "Kentucky Glow Grass"
    • Has many abandoned car factories used as trading hubs
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