Well now ive decided that other characters should have POVs so heres apple bottom's

Well this is just peachy, im waiting for the other seven Carnivores to return.Wait! there here finally! Manticores back with 2 more Kittens. Theres uhh... didnt really care for group 2 so i didnt bother to learn there names, there with some tall cloaked guy. lets see theres 5,5,3 ahh... yes 13 people here! We gotta take down 20 raiders, great. Time for a check list. Yours truly. Check. 10nameless Carnivores. Check. An attractive Dj/Carnivore named Manticore. Check. Finally 1 Tall Cloaked Man who is looking at Manticore's "Equipment". Check. This is going to go well, in 6 hours most of us are going to be dead. The 20 raiders are going to slaughter most of them. Even with the new additons were still out numbered and they've got the homefield advantage. Maybe ill get to Know the new tall guy....

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