Four Bourbon runners walked along the Dark Tennessee Wasteland,at 11 o clock pm.

Bert(B): (Stoping) i cant fucking move another fucking step, with this god damn pack on my back!

Ed(E): (slowing down) Get the Fuck up! We gotta make this shipment tomorrow!


Ryan(R) Oh yeah that'll get them moving again...

J: Shut up! Im incharge here!

B: we're making camp now.

R: Fine...

(4 hours later)

E: Whats? that noise?!

J: Fuck man Tindalos...

R:Shit! Bert get ready man!

R: Bert?

E: Bert...(looks in Bert's tent) Fuck! he's..He's Dead man...

J:lets scram...

(they leave camp)

E: I knew we should'nt have went along Riddlers park...

R: lets get this shipment to New memphis... tonight, or we dont get paid.

J:We'll go through Fort union... they wont kill us since we're all human.

R:What about that Zaroff Dude?

E: i dont like the sound of this...

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