well just arrived in Weshis, im gonna scavenge around for some ammo for my 12.7 mm pistol i only got a few clips so i want to stock up now and try it out. while looking through the wastes i heard strange noises from the sewers, and i took a peak in and saw strange redish purple hunched backed, and slimy mutants. one seemed to notice me and look at me in wonder( chances are they never seen a Nocturnal before in a tattered cloak and riot armor). after 30 secs things got uncomfortable so i mozyed away from that man hole. while walking i was spotted by a raider, who was suprised to see me based on the fact he said "What the Fuck is that? A Fucking Vampire?" quickly i dashed into a old mini mart and dived behind the counter. The raider and 2 of his crew walked in. they were armed with a 2 9mm smg,3 10mm pistols, 1 slege hammer,an assault rife and a RCW. I noticed the safe was unlocked and there was an alarm under the counter. i pressed the alarm, and the raiders looked up and i fired my shotgun twice, one hit the floor the other roared and last started firing. the raider who was got shot wanted to leave but the other wouldnt cover him(funny). i saw a tin can on the ground and i pulled out a tube of good old wonder glue and a pack of C2. i forced the can open spilled out some beans quietly and place the C2 in and sealed the top back on with wonder glue. then i whipped the can towards them, they dove because they thought it was a frag, and with in 2 secs the uninjuried one pick up the can to inspect it, he was about to put it down when i detonated it in his right paw. i poped up and shot them both in the chest with my shot gun. when i walked out after looting them(i found 3 clips of 12.7mm ammo yay!) i saw 4 different raiders(with dog print marks on their shirts) one came up to me and said four words: "we need your help." Fuck!!

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