There i was, with a bunch of 2 bit raiders trying to take out a bigger group of raiders. More importantly i was totally checking out this chick named manitcore...but applebottom wanted to chat.(dammn)

AB(apple bottom): look if we want to survive this mission we better stick together

Me: you dont look that tough

AB: well you look like the "Grim Raper" by the way your staring at manticore's chest!

Me: i still look badass though!

Applebottom tried to kick me so i straffed right and grabbed his heel

Me:nice try old man.

AB: Well, your a quick one.

Me: i know.

Applebottom quickly pulled a 10mm to my face,as soon as i knocked the safety on.

AB: you never let down your guard, Do you?

Me: never again.

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