i've decided that in some of my spare time to create diary posts of some of my characters to make humorous commentary on wasteland life. prepare for grammatic errors.

Whaaa hoooo, just finally arrived at The Rock yesterday and got a job as a factory guard. i get decent pay and a free place to stay. i work at night time and im allowed to kill any raider i see. (2 hours later) Just kill me 4 raiders!! heres how it went, they were standing around and waiting for someone. i snuck around and stabbed on 5 times in the chest , he died in agony. The next one i stabbed in the balls and ribs. i just shot the third one with my shotgun in the chest twice. The last one tried to run so i shot his back 3 times with my good old side arm. once they bled out i took all their gear and noticed that their were enough beds for 9 more raiders. im gonna tell the other guards about that. (3 hours later) Whaaaaaaaa Hoooooo i just got a promotion!! im gonna be one of Price's personal guards! Whos Price you ask? hes the one who runs this joint! Im freaking working for him! i get a pay raise and 2 free Colas a day! I also get 10 caps for every raider i kill!! Hell yeah work tommorow will be so Fucking exciting!!

-Bram Harcker

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