here are plans for the future and some crazy ideas and they are...

  1. a hotel in texas or arkansas themed on a carnival that has ghoulifed clowns and an insane clown worshiping cult. (true evil!!!!)
  2. expand on memphis zoo, reduce the animal amount, and explain that low tech AI ment something like Vic from NV
  3. Dragon cult
  4. horses
  5. Horses(again)
  6. create weshis some time next month
  7. create the 3 tribes of nocturnals in tennessee(eagle,bat,wolf)
  8. create Bables
  9. the razors(desendants from an asylum)
  10. The Carnivores(see weshis)
  11. Grease Monkeys, gang that created stripped down cars and motor cycles that run on pig shit( like in beyond thunder dome)
  12. Devil mouths , mutant Komodo dragons
  13. Rexs,hunched backed mutants with deformed arms.(arms like the small one on a charger from l4d)

Thoughts are...

  • could'nt all mamals be ghoulifed? i dont see a reason why not humans are not that unique
  • is mr.DART still around
  • does anyone else think mutant fire flys would be the shit?
  • how the fuck is a recharger rifle charged? does it have some nuclear battery?

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