John Dunn was on patrol in the capital wasteland. His squad was killed in a horrible Fat man accident. The blast minimaly injured him. He approached Rivert city. This is the curious dialouge that was spoken.

John: i need help.

Security: No

John:(Worried) Why?!

Security: Isnt it obvious?

John:What do you Mean?

Security: Your Enclave.

John: its not like im evil.

Security: Yes you are.

John:(Shocked) How...How Did you know!?

Security:Dude every time some one goes near you guys you start shooting them.

John: Name one example.

Security:This morning.

John: what happened?

Security: An enclave soldier attempted murder on a Rivert City Citizen.

John:Admit it you Hate me.


John:And thats why your charging me with Attempted murder.

Security:Well its not like that...

John:Oh yeah?!


John:So Why do you hate Me?

Security: You atempted to murder me!!

John:Fuck that was you!?



Security:Come with me.

What adventures will be fall our hero next Week!!?

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