Well since Bram, Grutt, and Andrew are going to the Four Seasons to stop or help those dastardly twins, its time we fleshed out its ecosystem.

  • Blood Geckos: Descendants of Horned toads who under went a mutation similar to geckos, these suckers squirt their fucking blood at people from their eyes and have great camoflauge! Dont worry they usually eat roaches and ants....
  • Jaguars: They are mostly the same but this time a little bulker, agressive and hunt in pairs! These babies are apex predators of texas so watch out!
  • Deathwings: Descendants of bald eagles who were gene spliced for millitary covert ops (Such as spying and stealth attacks) they are the Deathclaws of the sky and have talons that can cut a bayou lurker!
  • Jackalopes: Jack rabbits affected by a geneticly enginereed strain of Shope papilloma virus, these babies actually charge travelers in groups of 6 to 12.
  • Harbringers: Mutated Turkey vultures, they can be seen circling around weakened travelers waitng for a meal. Raiders use them to detect potenial targets.

Any suggestions or comments post them!

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