these are very very basic character outline, im only posting thes so i can remember them.

  • Manticore-carnivore tribal who is also uses the malls audio equipment to host a radio show that reaches to Tennessee,Arkansas and oklahoma. she wants more listeners and will go out on adventures and record stories.
  • Adlet-Male leader of the Carnivores and manticore's father. He is always testing her with constant tests, and is out to establish trade to New memphis
  • Amarok-Adlet's illigtiment son out to prove himself to his father, also wants to take over the neutral tribals.
  • John Applebotom-pre war stock holder of the nuka cola corp. he want Price out of the Rock for stealing Stock holder property
  • Bast-female leader of the carnivores(she is not married to Adlet, in fact she wants him to be replaced by Amarok) she wants the Carnivores to make deals with MTU
  • Carl Knight-head of MTU in Arkansas and Tennessee, he wants safe trade and has a major drug problem.

Well thats it for now feel free to come up with some ideas for Weshis.

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