Well im reading up on west memphis(its part of arkansas). im gonna spit some ideas out, but first i want to say that i want bridge Texas and Tennessee. also since this is a divergent time line im adding a research lab center, high tech mall, gun powder factory, and an army depot

  • some active casinos after all west memphis one of 2 areas that allow parimutuel gambling.
  • the mall and its surronding areas have been claimed by the Carnivores; a gang of slavers who wear sports gear, hunting gear and hillbilly armor.
  • due to the high crime rate in west memphis weapons are at an abundance causing gangs of raider to unite and harass the rock and new memphis
  • Grulks the creatures in my last blog post live in the sewers and take over the streets at night numbering at groups of 9 or more.
  • factory and research lab is being run by the Mississipi traders union.

well thats it for now PLEASE comment!

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