This will be daily updated

Character Name: The name of the your character in the world.

Character Stats:The SPECIAL of your character. (All together this will add to 40.)

Character Race: The race of your character. (Human, Ghoul)

Approx. age: Your characters age.

Character Personality: The personality your character has out in the wastes. At least two paragraph.

Character Appearance: What your character looks like. Describe, and if you want to, post a picture. Please make your written description be at least be three paragraphs.

Starting equipment: Basic, level one weapon and armor. You only get one set of armor, but you can have two different weapons. (A knife and a rifle, for example) if they are all relatively small (A knife, some grenades, and a handgun) then you may carry three.

Character story: At least four paragraphs telling your characters back story. (Ground rules. He or she was not a member of the Brotherhood, the enclave, or any other powerful group. Ever. He or she may have been part of some system of government or working for a particular group, but at the time s/he hits this forum, s/he is a wastelander)

Character strengths and weaknesses: Character strengths are what your character excels at. These are things like a knack for battlefield tactics, skill with a particular type of weapons, a knowledge of science, or even skill at public speaking. Weaknesses are just as important, and every character must have them. Things like being average, or having past issues are not weaknesses. A horrible chem addiction is a weakness. An inability to wield any kind of big gun is a weakness. 2 paragraph minimum.

Up to three Traits: Look in the basics of SPECIAL for info on them.

You have 40 points to put in your different stats. A special stat maxes at 10, and minimizes at 1. Ex.) 10 strength is a hulking beast. 1 strength can lift maybe 20 pounds.

Traits: 'Finesse, 'Revolving killer and Night person.

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