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    Going Away

    June 1, 2017 by Walrus king

    Hello everybody (or everybody that reads this anyway), This is going to be my final post for quite some time. I haven't mentioned this to anyway, so this may seem somewhat abrupt, but I have been involved in several personal troubles and will be away for awhile. I've enjoyed with (or in some cases against) all of you, and hope you well.

    feel free to adopt my unfinished page(s), or to use my ideas listed on the To Do section of my userpage, especially if they help expand on a region. I honestly can't say whether or not i will return here, i feel like i will now, but who knows what time holds. I'm confident that this place will continue on well into the future and as more games and content comes out.

    I feel like i'm rambling now, so i'll wrap …

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  • Walrus king


    October 20, 2016 by Walrus king

    Hey guys, i know you all have your own universes to build, but lets cool it with the horses; the lore states they are extinct, but we now have them in six places at least, scotland, tamaulipas, mississippi/louisiana, south carolina, yellowstone and maine. I know they are useful, but there are other ways to fill that role.

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  • Walrus king


    April 3, 2014 by Walrus king

    Was thinking about this the other day. It seems like each region (The Oilfields, Tamaulipas, The Gold Coast for some examples) all have their own little atmosphere that seems disconnected from others. Not on a soapbox or anything, just wondering everyone's thoughts about it.

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  • Walrus king


    December 26, 2012 by Walrus king

    just wanted to wish all of you guys (and girls) a happy and awesome holiday season. (even though its two hours past christmas for me at the moment) Walrus king (talk) 08:44, December 26, 2012 (UTC)

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