Hey guys, I want to give a short introduction.

My name is HenchmenF. I've been with these groups of folks for a couple of years now, and I consider all of them to be good friends of mine. I'm a rugby player for most of the year and a Brazilian jiu-jitsu/Kickboxing practitioner when I can be. I weight-lift every day, and etc. I.e, I look like a decently cool guy but I'm a complete and utter nerd. Really. Like, I squee about star wars; talk about video games for hours, argue about history, philosophy, sociology, and politics with anybody and everybody.

Fuck, now that makes me sound like a douchebag. Fuck.

I'm really not a douche bag.

I swear.

Now back to the idea.

I was thinking about us creating a group of characters based on glorified verisons of yourselves and having them created into a group of adventurers (almost like an utterly gritty and realistic The Claws for those who remember, without the mary sue-ing and the overly 'good guy' persona that they adopted.) who have known each other they began their careers and have remained good friends for years. They have a long and complicated back story with each other (with some members liking others more than each other and etc.) they have done both good and bad, saintly and evil deeds together. They have a multitude of stories to swap amongst each other, both funny, serious, tragic, or enlightening to their own character.

What do you guy's think? This would required intense backstory planning, and an utterly gritty view of the fallout world (I mean as in these guy's primarily concern is surviving day to day preforming what kind of dirty work we can including acting as hired muscle for a crime boss, to helping a farmer out of the legitimate goodness of our hearts, to a stretch of period where we nearly died to exposure) and further more, a willingness to be real with yourself.

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