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Valkyrie Legion
Political Information
Group type:Military Order
Leader Title:High Commander
Motto:"Our Day Will Come"
Societal Information
Location(s):Central Illinois (Formerly)
  • Springfield
  • Chatham
  • Rochester

Southern Wisconsin

  • Madison
  • Waunakee
  • Middleton
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:To bring order and justice to the Wasteland

The Valkyrie Legion is a post-war military group based in the former Great Midwest Commonwealth that once held great influence in the region, but has since been significantly weakened due to battles with numerous raider and mercenary factions. It was formerly based in Central Illinois, but has been forced north into Wisconsin by the Midwest chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, setting up camp around the capital area.


Founding and Early Years

The Valkyrie Legion was founded in 2138 in Springfield, Illinois by a young historian and mercenary named Oscar Makowski. Especially interested in getting anything he could about old Norse myth, Makowski had gotten tired of his mercenary occupation and wanted to do something to bring the world back to its former glory, and thus founded the Valkyrie Legion. Small at first, it soon gained more and more members from men and women just as young and idealistic as Makowski. 

Two years after founding the Valkyrie Legion, Makowski had a daughter, Laura, and he named her the heir of the "throne" to the Legion. Despite receiving criticism for seemingly setting up a monarchy, Makowski made clear that his decision was final, and most settlements under protection of the Legion didn't make much objection, as the Valkyries were the only force (other than regular guns-for-hire) keeping raiders away from their business.

However, this did not last long. When Laura was barely 8 years old, Makowski died after contracting serious radiation sickness while on patrol one day. As his wife had died a year earlier, this immediately prompted turmoil within the Legion's ranks on who would be the next commander. Many wanted to completely do away with the hereditary system and replace it with a democracy. Others wanted to respect Markowski's wishes and keep a temporary commander in charge until Laura was old enough herself. Eventually, the former side won the argument, and a man named Ivan Oppenheimer was named High Commander of the Valkyrie Legion.

Years went buy, as Oppenheimer proved to be corrupt, taking favors from raider gangs and extorting settlements for money. Several years later in 2155, after several anti-Legion rebellions, Laura Makowski began to work with Makowski Loyalists and settlements to wrest control of the Legion from Oppenheimer. Laura eventually lead a rebellion, and now with a majority in support of her, became High Commander at only the age of 15, and still remains the youngest commander in the history of the Legion.

The "Golden Age"

For the first 4 years of her leadership, Laura Makowski was at the whim of other major members of the Legion, with little choice but to make decisions based entirely on their "advice". Thus, the Legion remained in a state of limbo for this period of time, not really declining but not growing either.

She eventually began to take a much bigger role in governing when she was 19, waging an offensive war against several nearby raider tribes, against the pleas of her advisers. However, this risky decision ended up in her favor, as she worked closely with field commanders in planning attacks on raider camps, nonetheless helped by superior armor, training, and weapons.

With her now in power, Makowski also regained the trust of the settlements under the Legion's protection, only strengthened by their victories against the raiders. The lack of raiders also allowed the settlements to prosper, as caravans came and went unthreatened, bringing in more business for local traders.

The Brotherhood and the Exodus


Military Strength 

The Valkyrie Legion is mainly characterized by its military, which is split into several companies of around 100 to 150 men, with some exceptions. Each company has a specific role to play in military operations.

  • Alpha Company - Exercises standard offensive and defensive operations; guards the Valkyrie Legion's main base at the University in Madison and patrols the surrounding area. It also has based in several outposts in the surrounding area. ~100 personnel.
  • Beta Company - Exercises standard offensive and defensive operations; guards the towns of Waunakee and Middleton. ~100 personnel
  • Gamma Company - Civilian aid force. Offers protection to local caravans and settlements, and is based out of Middleton, but has members operating in several areas. ~100 personnel
  • Delta Company - The special operations force of the Valkyrie Legion, its members are the best it has to offer. Performs precision strikes against raiders and mercenary bands, and sometimes act as guards to Valkyrie officials. ~40 personnel.
  • Epsilon Company - The Valkyrie Legion's reconnaissance and intelligence force. It gathers information and keeps tabs on local groups, while also dispatching small expeditions to scout new and old areas, including Rockford, Chicago, Iowa, among others. ~100 personnel.
  • Zeta Company - Works with local scavengers to collect resources for the Valkyrie Legion's military, including weapons, ammunition, armor, and food. Doubles as an engineering company, reprogramming the few robots the Legion has access to and keeping them and other tech in working order. ~100 personnel


Valkyrie legion

Male and female Valkyrie Legionnaires wearing the standard combat armor.

The standard armor worn by Valkyrie Legionnaires is specialized combat armor with a modified motorcycle helmet or combat helmet, all of which is painted in the famous black and red of the Valkyrie Legion. Officers will often wear an oversized pauldron on their left shoulder.