Vault 110
Cape Hatteras Destroyed
General Information
Location:Vault 110

Vault 110 is a Vault-Tec vault located underneath the ruins of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse in Buxton, North Carolina. The only vault in the Broken Banks area, Vault 110 resides in the intertidal zone of Hatteras Island. The vault remains unopened due to the high population of Mirelurks and the constant danger of flooding should the doors be opened during high tide.


Construction and Purpose

The construction of Vault 110 began in 2060 under the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. Supports for the lighthouse were constructed so the lighthouse did not cave in. The Vault, however, was built in such a way that, over time, the Vault would start sinking as erosion took place. The purpose of the Vault was to observe the reactions of Vault inhabitants to a sinking Vault that was constantly exposed to salt water and erosion.

Vault 110 was originally supposed to have a GECK unit, but Vault-Tec decided to cancel the delivery of the GECK.


In their free time, Vault residents were able to enjoy various activities, including a game night every Friday, videos, and bake offs. There was also a salt water taffy production facility in the bowels of the Vault.

Early Years

When the bombs fell, the residents of the Outer Banks quickly flocked to Vault 110. The first overseer's tenure went well until 2102, when the Vault began to sink. He encouraged repairs on several sections that were sinking faster than others, though he did not live to see this enacted; he passed away in 2103 to natural causes. As more overseers assumed their roles, repairs on the sinking Vault became more necessary. As time went on and more of the Vault sank, the denizens soon noticed that the Vault was exposed to salt water.

As the years went on and the Vault took damage, residents continued to attempt to repair it. While some were successful, some areas became irreversibly sunken. By 2200, many residence halls and gathering places were condemned and abandoned. As time went on, the denizens of the vault considered opening the vault, hoping to escape the tedious task of repairing the constantly corroding vault. However, the risk of flooding the vault was simply too great.

Later Years

In 2273, several mirelurks tunneled their way into the Vault, accessing a corroded, condemned room. The overseer sent a team to investigate the noise. Security opened the room only to be swarmed by mirelurks. Furthermore, water began leaking into the Vault from the access hole, though sediment soon plugged the hole. The mirelurks killed several people before being put down by Vault Security. For the next few years, mirelurks began breaking into the Vault, though it was never as bad as the 2273 attack.


The Vault is divided into four levels; maintenance, living quarters, work stations, and recreation areas.


The maintenance wing includes the heavy Vault door to the flooded caves of Vault 110. It also includes the water chip, reactor, pip-boy programming, workshops, laundry room, incinerator, and computer wing. The maintenance wing is highly used in order to save the Vault from the various damages of sinkage and salt water erosion.

Living Quarters

The living quarters of the Vault contain the various residential rooms for the vault dwellers. These include single and family units. There are also several kitchens in the residential area along with washrooms. Since the depopulation of the Vault, several rooms are abandoned and are being used as storage areas. Furthermore, there are several sunken rooms that have been condemned. The Mirelurk Incident of 2273 occurred in this area of the Vault. The higher levels of the atrium are here.

Work Stations

The work stations contain several areas for work. It includes the classrooms, the clinic, the taffy production facility, and many more areas for the production of goods and services in the Vault. The lower levels of the atrium are housed here.

Recreation Areas

The recreation areas include the various gathering rooms, an arcade, diners, and a cigar lounge. The denizens of the vault gather here for enjoyment. The game nights occur here every Friday in the lounge.