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Vault 115
Vault 115
General Information
Location:Ontario Wasteland

Vault 115 is one of the Vault series of fallout shelters developed by Vault-Tec, located under the Rochester Museum and Science Center. It is located at the center of the city of New Rochester, founded by the descendants of the vault dwellers that came from the vault.

However, residents of New Rochester still use Vault 115 to ride out Radblizzards in the winter months of the Ontario Wasteland. Due to Vault 115 being located at the heart of New Rochester, it is also used as the capital building of the city.

Vault 115 is one of the very few successful non-control vaults in the United States, and is one of the shining examples of a successful non-control vault.


Vault 115 was advertised to the public as the future home for educators, however, only educators with various anti-government, or communist ideologies were allowed into the vault. As a part of the experiment, various subliminal messages were placed throughout the vault in order to change the ideologies of the vault dwellers, to make them more agreeable with the politics of the Enclave.


Vault 115 began construction in 2063, under the Rochester Museum and Science Center, most of the construction went off without a hitch, however, a shipment error meant that Vault 115 didn't receive a GECK. A temporary "Vault of The Future" exhibition was set up around the newly constructed vault to that visitors to the Rochester Museum and Science Center.


Vault 115 closed on October 22, 2077. Various educators, teachers, college professors from across the country came into the vault, and discussed what would happen to the country, just as the vault door closed. The first Overseer of Vault 115, Donald Carswell, a nervous, and neurotic man. Overseer Carswell, for many weeks, was the first to notice something was changing about him, and it was not of his old age. He observed the same changes happening to his comrades.

However, nobody noticed it except Overseer Carswell, and when he came running over to his comrades, rambling on about something wrong, it was already too late. The vault dwellers, with their newly-changed mindset, told Overseer Carswell that his old age was starting to affect him, and they told him that he should rest at the clinic. The neurotic overseer ended up going into a panic attack, and had to be forcefully moved to the clinic by Vault Security. Later that week, the Overseer died, presumably due to old age.

As the years rolled by in the vault, overseers went and came, and the populace eventually became agreeable to the politics of the Enclave, leaving no traces of their communist, anti-government selves that they once more. The first generation to be born in the vault was somewhat healthy, but, a plague soon spread inside the close quarters of the underground confinements of Vault 115.