"D'ya know, this is one of the few Vaults that actually let outsiders in, and people out; quite the accomplishment if you ask me."
―Harker Jones
Vault 14
Vault 14 Entrance
General Information
Location:Northwest Commonwealth
Notable Individuals:Robert Davids

Callum Andrews

Factions:Vault 14 Explorers
Notable events:Vault 14 Civil War
Current status:Active

Vault 14 was established during the Resource Wars, by the Vault-Tec Corporation, with the growing unrest and fears of some members of the public, fearing a coming storm, otherwise later known as the Great War, the Vault survived the Great War but suffered a costly Civil War when the idea of leading the inhabitants of the Vault out in to the Wasteland was unveiled, with the war over, the new Overseer took the controversial decision of allowing new settlers from the wastes into the Vault, the Vault remained as a safe haven for wanderers who were in need of settling down or escaping from the hostile Wastes for generations afterwards.


"Some went for stayin', some went for leavin', I bet none of 'em went for dyin'"
―John Hartwood
Vault 14 was established following the mounting unrest in the public eye with the Resource wars threatening to plunge the world into a Nuclear War, the Vault-Tec Corporation chose two possible sites for Vault 14, and whilst the site was purchased and preliminary work started on construction of the husk of the vault. But the work was plagued by land slides thus the vault was down sized to only be able to hold five hundred inhabitants instead of the originally planned a thousand to make the amount of work smaller to compensate for all the delays caused by the rockslides in order to keep the project on schedule.

Vault 14 contained upwards to near one hundred rooms, with two separated floors, including a Reactor level, a Medical lab and other facilities along with Administration rooms, Dormitories, and other recreational facilities including two separate diners. Much like other Vault facilities, it issued standard Vault-Tec Jumpsuits, with the Vault number on the back of the Jumpsuits, and noted as being machine washable for marketing purposes, though why such a idea had been factored, no one was overly sure.

Vault 14 was, much like any of the other Vaults, a social experiment. The social expriment was to test how the Vault would handle a lack of Leadership. The population of the vault was made up of ten Vault-Tec scientific staff, eighty security staff, and four hundred civilians of assorted professions along with ten doctors or nurses. Another blow was the inability to remotely seal the Vault door, instead relying upon the manual seal control console, though within a month of being present in the Vault, the main door was repaired and brought to a operational standard, though with many complications including two deaths due to a lack of leadership and the fact the repair job was being conducted by 3 different groups so siting of four or five guys who all doing different things and thus as a lack of communication between the groups working on the door two men died one had his leg crushed by the vault door and died on his way to the infermary when an inexperienced maintenance worker had pushed the button to close the door not noticing the man who died leg was still in the doorway. The second death was the same inexperienced maintenance worker who had caused the first death, his death happend when he stepped outside the Vault Door to garb a tool for one of the man he had killed's best freinds and the Vault Door "malfuctioned" causing him to get locked out of the Vault and his dead corpse was found lying against the door with his guts hanging out of his stomach the next morning by the second shift Maintenance Crew. This caused massive tension between the two work crews as everyone knew that it wasn't a "Door Malfunction" but rather a revenge killing.

Within twenty years of being within the Vault, arguments as to who the new Overseer would be became a matter of serious debate within the vault as the "Ruling Council" which consisted of the Chief Engineer, Chief of Security, Head Medical Doctor, and the Head Steward broke down and became un-popular, igniting debate from members of the Vault, but cooler heads prevailed in that argument, sparing the small populace of Vault 14 for sixty long years, before the fateful day when it was decided by some to leave the Vault, with already frayed tension on the issue flaring and small cases of rioting in the vault, the Overseer attempted to arrest the dissidents, with the support of the Vaults Security, which failed when the rioting faction produced firearms, much to the surprise of an overwhelmed security force.

A civil War ensued, leaving half the already dwindling population either incapacitated or deceased, the dead also included the Overseer, survivors included the then young Robert Davids and John Hartwood, but with damage to repair and little time for counting the dead or treating the wounded, many more died over the next two years, fortunately, the Vault Reactor level was undamaged during the fighting, as was the water purifier and Oxygen recyclers, saving many of the Vaults remaining populace. In 2182, the decision was made by the newly elected Overseer, Callum Andrews, to allow wasteland settlers of all descriptions in, and whilst some objected to this decision, it was eventually agreed upon, for both pragmatic and social requirements, with an ever decreasing gene pool, the risk of inbreeding became ever more concerning for the more liberal minded of the vaults population, within a few months, a number of wasteland settlers were admitted in to the vault, the group even contained a few Ghouls from neighboring settlements, some of which held pre-War intellect to assist the Vault in repairs and maintenance.

The Vault continued to thrive, remaining hidden until 2204. By 2208 Vault Overseer Callum Andrews decided it best to send scouts out into the Wastes to arrange trade of both supplies and equipment, allowing wastelanders to trade and purchase from the safe confines of the Vault, one of the upper most atrium was even converted to house stalls and shops. Following the events of that led to the destruction of Kirkman Artillery Base, the expeditions out in to the wastes ceased by order of the Overseer, and by 2251, all expedition team members had returned to the confines of the vault or had departed to settle in NCR territory. Currently, the Vault remains as a beacon of both trade and equality, old world values assumed long dead in the wasteland of the Northwest Commonwealth. They have been spared attention from other regional powers luckily, leaving them unharmed from the recent wars.

Northwest Commonwealth

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