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Construction and the Experiment

Vault 44 started construction in 2062 and finished in 2072. Vault 44 was a Vault Tec Vault constructed in the Phoenix Arizona area. Vault tec requested and received empty robots from General Atomics and Robco. Like many vaults Vault 44 had an experiment. The experiment was to see if it was possible for a complete memory wipe of the brain and place it inside other robots. The vault was constructed and advertised to house the middle class in Phoenix by advertising the vault to look like a common suburban neighbourhood.The vault could hold up to 900 people. The vault had a hidden shut-off sector for scientists and mechanics and their families. Upon entry to the vault the scientists, mechanics and the Overseer ,Who was a Mister Handy, would greet the dwellers. One by one the dwellers , Ranging from ages 3-85, were taken to a room where they were drugged. the scientists would perform surgery on the resident's brains. The brains were wiped of any pre-war memories and stored on a holotape preserved by the overseer. The resident's brains were individually transferred into empty robots (Including robots like Mister Handys, Eyebots and Sentrybots) and each dweller was turned into robots. Out of the 900 vault residents only 70 of them survived the brain transfer, One of these was army veteran Reagan Adams, The dwellers went through the rest of their new ,robot, lives thinking they were robots since their creation. Only knowing their name, The other dwellers and the fact they were in a vault.

Overseer's Accident

In 2098 the Overseer accidentally opened up the sector of the scientists and mechanics. The robot's programming stated that they were intruders in the vault kill most of them. one of the only survivors was mechanic Ally Gomez. Ally managed to reprogram all the robots to become neutral. Ally then managed to program the overseer to place her brain into an old empty mister handy. After the successful transplant Ally took over the vault killing the old overseer and taking the memory holotape in the process.


In 2140 a raider group breached the vault killing 12 of the remaining 70 robots. The raiders stole the memory holotape from Ally's quarters during the raid. Later that year Ally told a group of 5 robots, Including Reagan Adams, to find the raiders and bring back the holotape. After a semi-successful mission Reagan found the holotape and played his memories. Reagan kept this a secret for the next 60 years.

The Other Sector Of Vault 44

In 2200 the vault was designed to reveal the scientists and mechanics however since this happened 100 years before schedule the new rise of scientists showed them selves. This new wave saw the rise of on of the first human-robot contacts inside the vault. Reagan however was not ever happy knowing that once him and the other vault dwellers were pre-war humans. The scientists and other dwellers in the hidden sector started to coexist with the robots.

Holotape Exposed

in 2234 Reagan exposed the memories to the rest of the dwellers. the residents were annoyed at vault-tec and the scientists. opening fire on the human dwellers was the only option for the robots.

Post 2234

After 2235 the robots decided to stay locked away only letting in trustworthy traders and people who were willing to help. they only wish that they had their old lives in their human bodies back.

Known Residents

Original Overseer

Reagan Adams

69 other vault residents

Ally Gomez

Over 1000 Scientists, Mechanics and Family Members.

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