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Wallace DeBray
Wallace DeBray
Date of birth:08/12/2234
Date of death:N/A
Mass:170 lbs
Occupation:Scavenger, survivor.
Status:Wandering about the post-apocalyptic South.

Born in Reader, Arkansas to an extended family of hard-scrabble subsistence farmers, hunters and trappers. Having spent much of his childhood growing up in a hand-to-mouth existence, Wallace eventually struck out on his own.


Early History

Born in the remains of the small pre-war town of Reader, Arkansas to Donald "Duck" DeBray and Sarah-Lou DeBray; Wallace lived a life most wastelanders did. There was seemingly never enough food to go around due to the abundance of brothers, sisters and cousins competing for the same scraps of food, as well as the general lack of food growing from the hardscrabble earth the DeBray clan called home. Many of Wallace's brothers, sisters and cousins died young while those who didn't pass away grew up strong. Wallace himself developed a steady hand and a fine eye from hunting with his father, grandfather (for the few years he was still alive) and his uncles. Hunting was a common activity amongst the DeBray clan in order to supplement their often inadequate supplies of food they had from farming small hillside plots and Wallace received plenty of practice with firearms and bows while hunting in his youth, as well as other skills like tracking and general outdoor survival.