In Pre-war Texas there was a small problem with feral pigs. In Post-War Texas there is a Big problem with Warthogs.


Warthogs are large omnivores, they stand on average 4ft high and 7 ft long. The average Warthog weighs 190lbs. They have thick, bristly, black hair. Unlike most mammals they actually grew more hair thus giving them a spikey appperance.


Warthogs are omnivores that are known to eat almost any thing, but prefer fresh meat and usually eat young Cockatrices or wild dogs.


Warthogs rarely form packs,but a lone hog is very dangerous as its tusks are capable of wounding even deathclaws, they are able to run at 30 MPH for a powerful charge and its thick hide allows it to take alot of punishment. A full dead Warthog can be sold for 100 caps thus making them a highly sought quarry and they kill many inexperienced hunters every day.


Warthogs are used for a variety of products. Examples are toothbrushes, paintbrushes, tools, and food. Warthogs are excellent beasts of burden and a lone hog can carry 258 LBS, how ever dont ride on ones back or they will roll over on you, a chariot or wagon should be used instead. Recently Pig racing is becoming popular in the streets near farms.


Crimsion Charger is a red short haired breed that is larger and has more bulk, the extra bulk makes it tire easier and has a more powerful charge.

Offensive capabilities

High speed charges coupled with Weight and tusks make impact deadly, to almost any thing that moves, they also have a powerfull kick.

Defensive capabilities

Thick coat, fat and hard bones protect them from blunt weapons and bullets, a Warthog has a excellent sense of smell allows early dection of hunters


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