Wasteland Pacific Railroad Company
Wasteland Pacific
Political Information
Motto:Rebuilding America
Societal Information
Location(s):Plains Commonwealth Texas Commonwealth
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:To rebuild the US Rail Network
Allies:Midessa Compact, Abile, Fort Holly
Enemies:Satan Fe, Caesar's Legion
Wasteland Pacific is a company of Railroad Nomads covering the area of the former Union Pacific Railroad with the exception of Arizona and Utah region occupied by Caesar's Legion and areas controlled under the agreement formed with the NCR for the creation of the New California Railroad (which is an offshoot of Wasteland Pacific created in a treaty with the NCR)


Wasteland Pacific is one of the more fanatical and obsessive Railroad Nomad nations. It is believed the religion of the nomads began with the tribes of this nation as they take the destruction of cars more seriously than other tribes and have an utter refusal to use diesel engines as they believe them to be as wicked as motor cars.

However, the company is one of the most peaceful and welcoming in the wastes and rarely conscript forced laborers as Gangers due to their better supply lines and closely formed alliances in Texas

With the rise of Caesar's Legion and the difficulty of crossing the Mississippi River due to the lack of bridge building technology they roam less than other tribes, concentrating in the more stable areas to the southwest and allowing them to make the rails under their control better maintained than any other company outside the New California Railroad

It is said that you could set your watch by the reliability of their trains. (although they are still unscheduled and infrequent)

The Fort Holly to Midessa Railroad

In 2230 Wasteland Pacific formed it's first major alliance, forming a permanent trade route stretching from Lubbock (Fort Holly) to Midland (Petroleum) and opened stations at Abile and Big Spring

The route trades food from Fort Holly to Midessa and Big Spring and Oil from Abile to places across the wasteland.

This route forms the primary method of food for Wasteland Pacific with all their steam locomotives converted to oil burning for this reason.

Satan Fe

Wasteland Pacific has a rivalry with Satan Fe as the two companies share territories. Due to Satan Fe's rouge nature, this results in bloody battles which eventually led to the creation of the X4018 tribe in 2260

The Secret Alliance

With Wasteland Pacific's increasing influence and importance several groups in the Texas Commonwealth came together to make a series of informal promises regarding Wasteland Pacific.

The first and most important of these was hiding the existence of Penwell. Although no railroad had ever reached Penwell, the car-loving people of Penwell would infuriate the religious beliefs of Wasteland Pacific.

The second was to keep the roadbed of branch lines and several other routes impassable by any Railroad Nomad tribe. This was to protect the interests of caravanners whose much slower and more risky Brahmin caravans would be completely driven out of existence by a reliable railroad.

Texas Commonwealth

Plains Commonwealth