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“I can't read, I can't build, so they give'd me this to kill yellows and scruffies.”
Horace Wesson
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May 18th, 2258 (23)

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Paladin Wesson (born May 18th, 2258) is a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin stationed in the Capital Wasteland in 2281, and is tasked as one of the defenders of the Project Purity water purification project.

He lives life day to day, and has a borderline depressing, existential outlook on wastelandic life. Luckily, a sense of duty keeps him in line, and patriotic.


Born in a dilapidated hideaway within the ruins of a pre-war Metro system, known then as "Foggy Bottom," Wesson was brought into a world of little kindness. The food was scarce, either stolen from the land or bargained from traders; the shelter was decaying, the ceiling constantly caving in and flooding was always apparent; and most importantly, the water had a slew of viruses, was profoundly radiated, and was nonpotable. Life was meek; his childhood was spent huddling in a large coffin, which could have at any moment buried him and his family. Sixteen years of suffering would ensue, and Wesson would lose his mother, Danielle, to legionnaires' disease.



Wesson has an intense sense of allergies and illnesses, and it is not uncommon for a waterfall to form under his nose whenever he gets a sniff of the pure wastelandic air. His hypersensitivities are so bad that he continuously clogs his filtration systems in his T-45d power armor helmet, so he rarely wears it unless he is in a combative situation or a traditional setting. To cope with the sheer amount of mucus that comes from every orifice, he has a plethora of handkerchiefs, rags, towelettes, and more materials shoved away in his suit to stave the flow of slime. Always hanged around his neck is a shemagh which he uses to brush the fluids from his face. Due to an odd mutation within him, garnered from years of drinking sewer water, Wesson cannot drink purified water. If he does, he vomits uncontrollably as his body will not accept the substance. This defect, however, is perfect for his line of work, guarding and sorting the Aqua Pura bottles, as it is assured that he will never take the odd swig.

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