West Virginia
Flag of West Virginia
General Information
Location:United States of America
Notable Individuals:
Factions:The Mountaineers
Notable events:Unknown
Current status:Typical post-apocalyptic wasteland.
" Montani semper liberi."
―State Motto
West Virginia, the Mountain State, was the 35th state to be admitted into the United States of America. It illegally broke away from Virginia during the American Civil War, 214 years before the Great War. While history will attempt to whitewash their treachery, with the rest of the northern hypocrisies, the reason for succession was wealthy interests in other states that wanted to exploit the natural bounty of coal and timber in that region. The state paid the price many fold for their desertion and the area was a continual source of abject poverty. The GDP per capita of West Virginia matched that of an African nation while its neighbors grew and developed economically. Crippling taxes and a lack of economic opportunities drove many residents east into the prosperous lands of Virginia.

Geographic Regions

Southern West Virginia

Regarded as the heart of Appalachia, this has been coal mining country for centuries.


Eastern Commonwealth