Wladyslaw Bator
Wladyslaw Bator
Date of birth:2056
Date of death:2078
Blood type:A+
Mass:143 pounds
Status:Killed In Action

Wladyslaw Bator was a soldier of the Polish People's Army. Born in the Polish capital of Warsaw in 2056, Bator was conscripted into the army at eighteen, and assigned to the 6th Infantry Division, placed on Poland's border with the Soviet Union. Although he was far from a zealous supporter of the communist regime in Poland, Bator followed orders and stayed out of trouble with his superiors.

By 2076, the Resource Wars were coming to a head, and Polish citizens, embittered by heavy rationing by their government, carried out by the Polish puppet government under orders by the Soviets, began a mass uprising. After discovering his family had been killed by Red Air Force bombing of Warsaw during the initial stages of the uprising, Bator joined the mutineers against the loyalist forces.

Engaging Soviet forces, who were pouring in from the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Bator, and the mutineers were quickly driven back to the now destroyed Warsaw, despite the aid of various Ukrainian nationalist. Engaging in heavy street-to-street combat with units loyalist to the communist regimes of various Soviet satellite states, Bator was wounded during a strafing run by Red Air Force MiG's, and limped his way to the countryside, where he sought refuge in a village.

By the time Bator recuperated in early 2077, the uprising had been crushed by the Soviets' forces, despite discreet aid from the United States. Now hunted by the secret police, Bator continued to live on the run, siring a child on his travels, Adam Bator. On October 23rd, 2077, the Great War, and the Chinese, fearing a nuclear attack from the USSR, attacked them at the same time they attacked the United States.

Thanks to his secluded location, Bator survived the barrage of missiles that fell on Poland, where the Soviets had based some of their missiles and bombers, however, in the aftermath, he found the attack had killed many of the crops and livestock, forcing him to rob people at gunpoint to survive. By February of 2078, Bator had joined with a group of former Polish insurgents, and was continuing to scavenge and rob to survive, although the group engaged in several skirmishes with former Red Army troops. Shot in the lung on July 6th, 2078, Bator managed to kill several hostile remnants before he died from a combination of further wounds and his collapsed lung.