Ybor City
Ybor City
General Information
Location:Tampa, Florida
Population:approx. 250
Notable Individuals:Isaiah Morales
Factions:Catholic Street Watch
Notable events:Various Gang Wars
Current status:Foul trade town.

In the pre-war days Ybor was a thriving Italian-Cuban American community that earned a name for itself for the excellent cigars the locals rolled, and the rum they distilled. In the post-war world, Ybor is known as a seedy, crime-ridden town, still known for its cigars and rum. The town now sports a number of crime families and drug rings and an oppressive Catholic regime ruling over the town's few blocks.



Ybor City can trace its long-running roots back to the early 1900s, when Cuban immigrants settled into the mostly Italian section of Tampa Bay. Most of these people had come to the United States after the conclusion of the Spanish-American War and due to such actions taken by the United States such as the passage of the Platt Amendment or the toleration of a Fascist dictatorship, many of these people were looking to escape their oppressive regime and start anew in the land of opportunity. Settling in among the Italians, the Cubans at first had issues mixing into their new surroundings, but soon the two ethnicities found common ground through their shared culture, and they quickly formed a close union.

Throughout the 20th Century, Ybor City would see nothing but growth, first gaining notoriety for the fine Cuban cigars that were rolled in the area's numerous cigar stores. Then in the 1930s the area became known for its bootleg Tequila and Rum, much of which was run up from Cuba by the powerful Trafficante crime family. In the 50s the area's population exploded and the sea of Cuban refugees fleeing the communist revolution of Fidel Castro, and in the 60s Ybor City came to host numerous casinos as Tampa grew into a popular vacation spot. These casinos stayed around until the 1980s, when Florida banned gambling and casinos in their state as a whole.

From then on the area saw a decline, as it became less known for its luxury cigars and alcohol and more as a tourist stop, and place historical area. In the 21st Century the area once again saw a rise in crime as the age-old Trafficante family began to move black market firearms through the area in order to sell them to buyers throughout the Southern United States and Central America, thus BAFTA and the ATF had a constant presence in the area, as they raided safe house after safe house, seizing firearms from the hands of Trafficante gun runners.

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