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The Yedidya are a nomadic, autarkic people established in the Southeastern Commonwealth of America (chiefly Georgia and North Carolina). They formed in 2226 as an offshoot of their original leader, Jebodia Yedidya.


Jebodia Boudinot was a calm and autocratic man, who returned to his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia from a two-year stay in Florida. He had become a member of the --, which gave direction to the ideas of his crew.

Loss of Jebodia

On August 14, 2225, after a heinous, inhumane event happened between Jebodia's crew and the Atlanta Slavers, Jebodia died. The Crew outnumbered five to one, decided to release radiation into the Slaver's compound through the air ducts. The plan commenced near midnight, and they managed to release several barrels of toxic radiation into the compound. Upon departure, Jebodia and two crew members fell through the rust-laden, corrugated roofing. One died of a dislocated neck, another crushed his pelvis, and Jebodia himself suffered a painful leg displacement; his shinbone projected out through his skin. Inside the compound, the Slavers began to die in their sleep, but when they crashed through, it awoke half the building. Barricading himself in an empty Protectron storage unit, he recorded his final Audio HoloTape, (which was partially repaired and recovered in 2249) it went as follows:

“Jebodia's log, August 14th, 2225. *Inaudible* My crew has done horrible things up until this point, but this, this... is unforgivable. *Inaudible* We have... done very merciless things *Inaudible* I cannot repeat what we have done, but I can say now... Now... we are sick, twisted... So, in turn, I am sick and I am twisted. We will all burn in hell for this. We will all know torture, and, I don't think *Inaudible* Stop thinking about this. *Inaudible* All of this... The last log of Jebodia... Signing out.”

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